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FANGLI Electric Motor Showcases Its Full Range of High-Efficiency Motors at the 25th China Environmental Expo 2024

FANGLI Electric Motor participated in the 25th China Environmental Expo from April 18 to 20, 2024, at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, showcasing a series of high-efficiency motor products to the audience at booth E6-K41, demonstrating the future development trends of the industry.

The China Environmental Expo is an industrial gala for ecological and environmental industry exchanges, attracting environmentalists, enterprises, and professionals from around the world. Amidst the current dynamic atmosphere, the expo invites visionaries to join hands with countless environmentalists to explore the future development paths of the industry and embark on new journeys.

At the expo, FANGLI Electric Motor displayed a range of leading high-efficiency electric motor products, including the FLHP series low-voltage high-power motors, the YBX5 IE5 three-phase asynchronous motors, and the YKS series high-voltage motors.

The FLHP series low-voltage high-power electric motors, featuring advanced design concepts and manufacturing processes, offer outstanding performance and reliability, suitable for various industrial applications such as pumps and compressors. The YBX5 IE5 three-phase asynchronous motor is FANGLI Electric Motor’s active response to energy conservation and environmental protection, meeting the highest energy efficiency standards and providing sustainable solutions that help users save on energy costs.

The YKS series high-voltage motors are another excellent product from FANGLI Electric Motor, noted for their superior performance and reliability in high-voltage applications such as oil fields, mining, and metallurgy.

Beyond showcasing advanced products, the China Environmental Expo also serves as a platform for industry thought exchange. FANGLI Electric Motor actively participated in several high-end forums, including the “2024 China Environmental Technology Conference Summit” and the “2024 Carbon Neutrality and Green Development Conference,” co-hosted by entities such as the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences. These forums gathered industry leaders, technical experts, and corporate representatives. Through keynote speeches and roundtable discussions, participants deeply explored industry development trends and future directions. FANGLI Electric Motor actively shared its experience and insights in the field of high-efficiency motors, contributing to the industry's green development.

FANGLI Electric Motor has always been committed to driving innovation and development in the electric motor industry, continuously enhancing the technical level and market competitiveness of its products. Through its participation in this expo, FANGLI Electric Motor looks forward to deeper collaboration with more industry partners to jointly advance the development of the environmental protection industry, providing customers with higher quality, more reliable products, and solutions.