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FANGLI Electric Motor participated in International Palm Oil 2019

Name: International Palm Oil 2019
Date: 2019.11.19-2019.11.21
Location: Kuala Lumpur City Centre


Since its establishment in 1984, PIPOC has become a highly anticipated international event, providing a platform for the latest developments and technologies in the oils and fats industry, particularly in the realm of palm oil. Each edition of PIPOC serves as an ideal platform, bringing together over 400 exhibitors to showcase both new and existing technologies, alongside a lineup of world-renowned scientists that garners widespread attention.

As an outstanding electric motor manufacturer in China, Fangli Electric Motor brought a multitude of cutting-edge three-phase AC motors to the exhibition, adding a touch of brilliance to the event. These motors not only stand out in terms of appearance and design, but also excel in terms of performance and innovation. Notably, Fangli Electric Motor's explosion-proof AC motors garnered extensive attention at the exhibition due to their exceptional safety performance and reliability. Additionally, the company presented its series of high-efficiency motors, including energy-efficient models, in line with the demands of sustainable development.

The exhibition drew the interest of over 1800 visitors, resulting in numerous positive feedback and reviews. Throughout the event, the Fangli Electric Motor team engaged actively with industry peers and experts, further enhancing their understanding of market demands and industry trends, thus laying a solid foundation for future development and collaborations.

Looking ahead, Fangli Electric Motor will continue to uphold its outstanding reputation in the field of electric motor manufacturing, committed to providing high-quality products and services.