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FANGLI Holdings Co., Ltd. Receives Zhejiang Export Premium Brand Award

Recently, FANGLI Holdings Co., Ltd.'s brand, FANGLI, was honored with the "Zhejiang Export Premium Brand" award by the  Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province. This prestigious recognition not only acknowledges FANGLI Holdings' years of effort and contributions but also signifies a solid step forward in the company's international market presence.

Excellence in Quality Builds the Brand

FANGLI has consistently provided high-quality, high-performance motor products. The company boasts a top-tier R&D team and advanced production equipment, meticulously controlling every aspect from product design and raw material selection to manufacturing processes and quality control to ensure product reliability and stability. It is this unwavering commitment to quality that has earned FANGLI products a strong reputation in the international market and widespread customer recognition.

Innovation-Driven Continuous Development

In the face of increasingly fierce global market competition, FANGLI remains driven by innovation, continuously introducing new products that meet market demands. The company has achieved numerous technological breakthroughs in high-efficiency motors and intelligent motor solutions and has successfully applied these innovations to production, enhancing product competitiveness and market share. This award is the best testament to the company’s innovative achievements and market performance.

International Strategy Expanding Markets

Since its establishment, FANGLI has adhered to the development strategy of "Based in China, Looking Globally," actively expanding international markets. The company's products are exported to Europe, North America, Asia, and many other countries and regions. Through participation in international exhibitions and strengthening overseas marketing networks, FANGLI continues to enhance brand awareness and market influence. The Zhejiang Export Brand award is a high recognition of the company’s international strategy achievements.

Social Responsibility for a Shared Future

As a socially responsible enterprise, FANGLI pursues corporate growth while actively fulfilling its social responsibilities. The company focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development, actively promoting green manufacturing technologies to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact in production. In the future, FANGLI will continue to uphold the core values of "Quality, Innovation, and Responsibility," consistently improving product quality and service levels to create greater value for customers, employees, and society.

Looking Ahead

Receiving the Zhejiang Export Brand award marks a significant milestone in FANGLI's development journey. Looking to the future, FANGLI will take this as a new starting point, continuing to increase R&D investment, enhance product competitiveness, expand international markets, and strive to build the "FANGLI" brand into a globally renowned name in the motor industry. We believe that with the concerted efforts of all our employees, FANGLI will achieve an even more brilliant future!