FL3(IE3) series premium efficiency three phase asynchronous AC motor

FL3(IE3) series is cast iron housing electric motor with IEC 60034-30 standard IE3 as high efficiency, dimensions follow IEC60072-1. Excellent performance, low noise and vibration, high reliability, easy operation

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Output Power
FL3-80A-2 0.75kW FL3-80B-2 1.1kW FL3-90S-2 1.5kW FL3-90L-2 2.2kW FL3-100L-2 3kW FL3-112M-2 4kW FL3-132SA-2 5.5kW FL3-132SB-2 7.5kW FL3-160MA-2 11kW FL3-160MB-2 15kW FL3-160L-2 18.5kW FL3-180M-2 22kW FL3-200LA-2 30kW FL3-200LB-2 37kW FL3-225M-2 45kW FL3-250M-2 55kW FL3-280S-2 75kW FL3-280M-2 90kW FL3-315S-2 110kW FL3-315M-2 132kW FL3-315LA-2 160kW FL3-315LB-2 200kW FL3-355M-2 250kW FL3-355L-2 315kW FL3-80B-4 0.75kW FL3-90S-4 1.1kW FL3-100LA-4 2.2kW FL3-100LB-4 3kW FL3-112M-4 4kW FL3-132S-4 5.5kW FL3-132M-4 7.5kW FL3-160M-4 11kW FL3-160L-4 15kW FL3-180M-4 18.5kW FL3-180L-4 22kW FL3-200L-4 30kW FL3-225S-4 37kW FL3-225M-4 45kW FL3-250M-4 55kW FL3-280S-4 75kW FL3-280M-4 90kW FL3-315S-4 110kW FL3-315M-4 132kW FL3-315LA-4 160kW FL3-315LB-4 200kW FL3-355M-4 250kW FL3-355L-4 315k FL3-90S-6 0.75kW FL3-90L-6 1.1kW FL3-100L-6 1.5kW FL3-112M-6 2.2kW FL3-132S-6 3kW FL3-132MA-6 4kW FL3-132MB-6 5.5kW FL3-160M-6 7.5kW FL3-160L-6 11kW FL3-180L-6 15kW FL3-200LA-6 18.5kW FL3-200LB-6 22kW FL3-225M-6 30kW FL3-250M-6 37kW FL3-280S-6 45kW FL3-280M-6 55kW FL3-315S-6 75kW FL3-315M-6 90kW FL3-315LA-6 110kW FL3-315LB-6 132kW FL3-355MA-6 160kW FL3-355MB-6 200kW FL3-355L-6 250kW



FL3(IE3) series three phase asynchronous motor is a kind of totally enclosed fan-cooled squirrel-cage induction motor. The efficiency class is in accordance with IEC 60034-30 IE3 efficiency standard.

FL3 series three phase asynchronous motors have a lot of futures such as excellent performance, low noise and vibration, high reliability, easy operation and etc. Moreover, FL3 series motors have the same dimensions and output power with IE1/IE2/IE4/IE5 series, which follows IEC60072-1, therefore FL3 series could replace all IEC standard motors directly. Motors could be equipped with oil changing device without stopping, and reserved the space of thermistor and heater for end users.


Technical Parameters

Rated Power:0.55kW-1000kW

Frame Size:H80-H450

Frame Material:Cast Iron

Rated Voltage:220V-1140V

Rated Frequency:50Hz/60Hz                                                        

Ingress protection:IP54/IP55/IP56/IP65/IP66

Insulation Class:F/H/C

Work Duty:S1-S6


Technical Bright Spots & Consumer Benefits

Technical Bright Spots

1. It has superior efficiency in accordance with NEMA super efficient motors in the United States
2. Its scientifically reasonable structure provides reserved space to customers
3. Energy conservation and environment friendly

Consumer Benefits

1. Improve the productivity, Saving energy and reduce the cost
2. It can directly replace low efficiency motors,be easy to market promotion
3. easy for customers to replace/choose parts in the special area

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