FLAV/FLFV/FLGV series variable frequency three phase asynchronous AC motor

FLAV/FLFV/FLGV series variable frequency adjustable speed electric motor is driven by frequency converter with IC416 cooling method. Light weight, universal mounting

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Output Power
FLAV-56-2 0.09kW FLAV-56-2 0.12kW FLAV-63-2 0.18kW FLAV-63-2 0.25kW FLAV-71-2 0.37kW FLAV-71-2 0.55kW FLAV-80MA-2 0.75kW FLAV-80MB-2 1.1kW FLAV-90S-2 1.5kW FLAV-90L-2 2.2kW FLAV-100L-2 3kW FLAV-112M-2 4kW FLAV-132SA-2 5.5kW FLAV-132SB-2 7.5kW FLAV-160MA-2 11kW FLAV-160MB-2 15kW FLAV-160L-2 18.5kW FLAV-56-4 0.09kW FLAV-63-4 0.12kW FLAV-63-4 0.18kW FLAV-71-4 0.25kW FLAV-71-4 0.37kW FLAV-71-4 0.55kW FLAV-71-4 0.75kW FLAV-80MA-4 0.55kW FLAV-80MB-4 0.75kW FLAV-90S-4 1.1kW FLAV-90L-4 1.5kW FLAV-100LA-4 2.2kW FLAV-100LB-4 3kW FLAV-112M-4 4kW FLAV-132S-4 5.5kW FLAV-132M-4 7.5kW FLAV-160M-4 11kW FLAV-160L-4 15kW FLAV-71-6 0.18kW FLAV-71-6 0.25kW FLAV-80MA-6 0.37kW FLAV-80MB-6 0.55kW FLAV-90S-6 0.75kW FLAV-90L-6 1.1kW FLAV-100L-6 1.5kW FLAV-112M-6 2.2kW FLAV-132S-6 3kW FLAV-132MA-6 4kW FLAV-132MB-6 5.5kW FLAV-160M-6 7.5kW FLAV-160L-6 11kW FLAV-80MA-8 0.18kW FLAV-80MB-8 0.25kW FLAV-90S-8 0.37kW FLAV-90L-8 0.55kW FLAV-100LA-8 0.75kW FLAV-100LB-8 1.1kW FLAV-112M-8 1.5kW FLAV-132S-8 2.2kW FLAV-132M-8 3kW FLAV-160MA-8 4kW FLAV-160MB-8 5.5kW FLAV-160L-8 7.5kW



FLAV/FLFV/FLGV series aluminium housing variable frequency adjustable-speed converter-fed three phase induction motor is a kind of special motor which driven by frequency converter, rotating speed of motors can be regulated stepless by frequency converter, thus enable energy saving and automatic control of the motors. FLAV/FLFV/FLGV series motors are fitted with ventilation fan which provide better cooling effect to ensure motors running at various speed.

Since aluminum-alloy material has been introduced into its housing, end shield, terminal box and removable feet. Motor has wonderful appearance and smooth surface. Despite that, dimensions and output power of FLAV/FLFV/FLGV series aluminium housing motors are the same as those of three phase asynchronous motors, suitable for transmissions by which speed-regulation is needed, are widely used in light industries, metallurgy industries, textile industries, chemical industries, machine tool industries etc. while fitted with highly accurate sensor, the motors achieve highly accurate operation of closed loop.


Technical Parameters

Rated Power:0.12kW-18.5kW
Frame Size:H63-H160
Frame Material:Aluminum
Rated Voltage:220V-1140V
Rated Frequency:5Hz-100Hz                                                        
Ingress protection:IP54/IP55/IP56/IP65/IP66
Insulation Class:F/H
Work Duty:S1-S6


Technical Bright Spots & Consumer Benefits

Technical Bright Spots

1. Stepless speed regulation can be realized in the system composed with frequency conversion speed regulation device
2. High reliability and easy maintenance
3. Equipped with independent cooling fan
4. Be fitting with highly accurate sensor
5. Dimensions and rated output of FL-V series motors are the same as those of IE3/IE2/IE1 series motors

Consumer Benefits

1. The automatic control on the motor can reduce the cost of energy
2. Reduce the equipment maintenance costs.
3. Good cooling effect can leads to the better reliability
4. The motors can achieve highly accurate aperation of closed loop. That can improve the customer's production efficiency and the products quality
5. To be convenient for users

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