YBBP series variable frequency flameproof three phase asynchronous AC motor

YBBP series variable frequency adjustable speed ex-proof electric motor, could be marked as Ex db Ⅰ AT4/BT4 Mb, Ex db Ⅱ AT4/BT4/CT4 Gb

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Output Power
YBBP-80MA-2 0.75kW YBBP-80MB-2 1.1kW YBBP-90S-2 1.5kW YBBP-90L-2 2.2kW YBBP-100L-2 3kW YBBP-112M-2 4kW YBBP-132S-2 5.5kW YBBP-132SB-2 7.5kW BBP-180M-2 22kW YBBP-200LA-2 30kW YBBP-200LB-2 37kW YBBP-225M-2 45kW YBBP-250M-2 55kW YBBP-280S-2 75kW YBBP-280M-2 90kW YBBP-80MA-4 0.55kW YBBP-80MB-4 0.75kW YBBP-90L-4 1.5kW YBBP-90S-4 1.1kW YBBP-100LA-4 2.2kW YBBP-100LB-4 3kW YBBP-112M-4 4kW YBBP-132M4 7.5kW YBBP-160L-4 15kW YBBP-180M-4 18.5kW YBBP-180L-4 22kW YBBP-200L-4 30kW YBBP-225S-4 37kW YBBP-225M-4 45kW YBBP-250M-4 55kW YBBP-280S-4 75kW YBBP-280M-4 90kW YBBP-80MA-6 0.37kW YBBP-80MB-6 0.55kW YBBP-90S-6 0.75kW YBBP-90L-6 1.1kW YBBP-100L-6 1.5kW YBBP-112M-6 2.2kW YBBP-132S-6 3kW YBBP-132MA-6 4kW YBBP-132MB-6 5.5kW YBBP-160M-6 7.5kW YBBP-160L-6 11kW YBBP-180L-6 15kW YBBP-200LA-6 18.5kW YBBP-200LB-6 22kW YBBP-225M-6 30kW YBBP-250M-6 37kW YBBP-280M-6 55kW YBBP-280S-6 45kW YBBP-80MA-8 0.18kW YBBP-80MB-8 0.25kW YBBP-90S-8 0.37kW YBBP-90L-8 0.55kW YBBP-100LA-8 0.75kW YBBP-100LB-8 1.1kW YBBP-132S-8 2.2kW YBBP-112M-8 1.5kW YBBP-160MA-8 4kW YBBP-160MB-8 5.5kW YBBP-160L-8 7.5kW YBBP-180L-8 11kW YBBP-200L-8 15kW YBBP-225S-8 18.5kW YBBP-225M-8 22kW YBBP-280S-8 37kW YBBP-280M-8 45kW



YBBP series variable frequency adjustable speed ex-proof three phase electric motor is in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving and automatic control in the system with frequency conversion device, YBBP series motor could adjust speed stepless. It has features as squirrel cage type, reliable operation, and easy maintenance and so on. An independent cooling fan ensures the motor has good cooling effect in different speed.
YBBP series electric motor are suitable for transmissions of different kinds, mainly used in coal, oil and natural gas, petrochemical and chemical industries, usually used to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other transmission machinery.
YBBP series electric motor could be marked as Ex db Ⅰ AT4/BT4 Mb, Ex db Ⅱ AT4/BT4/CT4 Gb.


Technical Parameters

Rated Power:0.37kW-355kW
Frame Size:H80-H355
Frame Material:Cast Iron
Rated Voltage:220V-1140V
Rated Frequency:5Hz-100Hz                                                        
Ingress protection:IP54/IP55/IP56/IP65/IP66
Insulation Class:F/H
Work Duty:S1-S6


Technical Bright Spots & Consumer Benefits

Technical Bright Spots

1. Stepless speed regulation can be realized in the system composed with frequency conversion speed regulation device.
2. High reliability and easy maintenance.  
3. Equipped with independent cooling fan.

Consumer Benefits

1. The automatic control on the motor can reduce the cost of energy.
2. Reduce the equipment maintenance costs. 
3. Good cooling effect can leads to the better reliability.

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