YBD3 series change-pole multi-speed flameproof three phase asynchronous AC motor

YBD3 series change-pole multi-speed ex-proof three phase electric motor is coming with marks as Ex db Ⅰ AT4/BT4 Mb, Ex db Ⅱ AT4/BT4/CT4 Gb

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Output Power
YBD3-80-4/2 0.45/0.55kW YBD3-80-4/2 0.55/0.75kW YBD3-90S-4/2 0.85/1.1kW YBD3-90L-4/2 1.3/1.8kW YBD3-100L-4/2 2/2.4kW YBD3-100L-4/2 2.4/3kW YBD3-112M-4/2 3.3/4kW YBD3-132S-4/2 4.5/5.5kW YBD3-132M-4/2 6.5/8kW YBD3-132M-4/2 6.5/8kW YBD3-160M-4/2 9/11kW YBD3-160L-4/2 11/14kW YBD3-180M-4/2 15/18.5kW YBD3-180L-4/2 18.5/22kW YBD3-200L-4/2 26/30kW YBD3-225S-4/2 32/37kW YBD3-225M-4/2 37/45kW YBD3-250M-4/2 45/55kW YBD3-280S-4/2 60/72kW YBD3-280M-4/2 72/82kW YBD3-90S-6/4 0.65/0.85kW YBD3-90L-6/4 0.85/1.1kW YBD3-100L-6/4 1.3/1.8kW YBD3-100L-6/4 1.5/2.2kW YBD3-112M-6/4 2.2/2.8kW YBD3-132S-6/4 3/4kW YBD3-132M-6/4 4/5.5kW YBD3-160M-6/4 6.5/8kW YBD3-160L-6/4 9/11kW YBD3-180M-6/4 11/14kW YBD3-180L-6/4 13/16kW YBD3-200L-6/4 18.5/22 kW YBD3-225S-6/4 22/28 kW YBD3-225M-6/4 26/34kW YBD3-250M-6/4 32/42kW YBD3-280S-6/4 42/55kW YBD3-280M-6/4 55/72kW YBD3-100L-8/4 0.85/1.5kW YBD3-112M-8/4 1.5/2.4kW YBD3-132S-8/4 2.2/3.3kW YBD3-132M-8/4 3/4.5kW YBD3-160M-8/4 5/7.5kW YBD3-160L-8/4 7/11kW YBD3-180L-8/4 11/17kW YBD3-200L-8/4 14/22kW YBD3-200L-8/4 17/26kW YBD3-225M-8/4 24/34kW YBD3-250M-8/4 30/42kW YBD3-280S-8/4 40/55kW YBD3-280M-8/4 47/67kW YBD3-90S-8/6 0.35/0.45kW YBD3-90L-8/6 0.45/0.65kW YBD3-100L-8/6 0.75/1.1kW YBD3-112M-8/6 1.3/1.8kW YBD3-132S-8/6 1.8/2.4kW YBD3-132M-8/6 2.6/3.7kW YBD3-160M-8/6 4.5/6kW YBD3-160L-8/6 6/8kW YBD3-180M-8/6 7.5/10kW YBD3-180L-8/6 9/12kW YBD3-200L-8/6 12/17kW YBD3-200L-8/6 15/20kW



YBD3 series change-pole multi-speed ex-proof three phase electric motor uses the simplex winding polarity reversal method to realize the speed transformation. Different poles offer relative speed.
YBD3 series motor are suitable for mechanical equipment which required speed regulation, mainly used in coal, oil and natural gas, petrochemical and chemical industries, usually used to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other transmission machinery.
We supply YBD3 series motors with Ex marking as Ex db Ⅰ AT4/BT4 Mb, Ex db Ⅱ AT4/BT4/CT4 Gb, which are intended for use in places with an explosive gas atmosphere other than mines susceptible to firedamp, A denotes a typical gas is propane, B means a typical gas is ethylene.


Technical Parameters

Rated Power:0.17kW-160kW
Frame Size:H80-H315
Frame Material:Cast Iron
Rated Voltage:220V-1140V
Rated Frequency:50Hz/60Hz                                                        
Ingress protection:IP54/IP55/IP56/IP65/IP66
Insulation Class:F/H
Work Duty:S1-S6


Technical Bright Spots & Consumer Benefits

Technical Bright Spots

1. The winding pole-changing method is used to realize the speed transformation.
2. It can be used in chemical industry and other explosion-proof industries.

Consumer Benefits

1. Convenient adjustment of motor speed for customers.
2. Enhanced performance contributes to improved production safety for customers.


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