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Fangli Electric Motor Shines at PTC ASIA 2023 Exhibition

From October 24 to October 27, 2023, the Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition (PTC ASIA) once again grandly took place in Shanghai, providing a stage for leaders, experts, and buyers in the global electric motor industry to exchange innovative ideas and discuss the future. As a leader in the electric motor manufacturing industry, Fangli Electric Motor proudly participated in the exhibition, showcasing our latest high-voltage electric motors, explosion-proof electric motors, and general-purpose electric motor series. This exhibition is not only a product showcase but also an international exchange and technological innovation event.


Eye-catching Innovative Products

At the PTC ASIA exhibition, Fangli Electric Motor's high-voltage electric motor series became the star product on the scene. This high-voltage motor attracted numerous professionals with its outstanding performance and reliability. Additionally, we showcased the latest explosion-proof motors, generating great interest with their excellent explosion-proof performance and stable operating characteristics. Furthermore, we introduced a range of new general-purpose motors, meeting the diverse needs of various application scenarios. Attendees stopped by to experience firsthand the infinite possibilities brought by these innovative products.


High-Voltage Electric Motor Series: Breaking Limits, Reaching New Heights

Fangli Electric Motor's high-voltage motor series garnered attention for its outstanding performance and high reliability in the modern industrial field. At the PTC ASIA exhibition, we presented a new high-voltage motor featuring advanced magnetic field optimization technology and high-temperature resistant materials to ensure excellent performance in extreme working conditions. This motor not only achieved new breakthroughs in performance but also optimized energy efficiency and maintainability, providing customers with a more stable and efficient solution.


Explosion-Proof Electric Motor Series: Safe, Reliable, Widely Applicable

Explosion-proof motors have always been a key requirement in many industries, and Fangli Electric Motor's explosion-proof motor series is highly acclaimed for its excellent explosion-proof performance and intelligent control features. At the exhibition, we showcased a new type of explosion-proof motor with advanced explosion-proof design and corrosion-resistant materials, suitable for harsh environments such as petrochemical, mining, and pharmaceutical industries. This motor not only complies with international explosion-proof standards but also incorporates remote monitoring and fault diagnosis features, providing customers with a smarter and safer solution.


General-Purpose Electric Motor Series: Flexible, Diverse, Infinite Applications

To meet the needs of different industries and application areas, Fangli Electric Motor introduced a series of high-efficiency general-purpose motors. These motors possess high versatility and customizability, adapting to various complex conditions and special requirements. Whether used in home appliances, automotive manufacturing, or industrial automation, these general-purpose motors deliver outstanding performance and stable operation, providing customers with the best solutions for their application scenarios.


Multimedia Interaction, Innovative Technology Presentation

Fangli Electric Motor's booth not only showcased a variety of innovative products but also engaged in in-depth technical exchanges through multimedia means. We created detailed product introduction videos and utilized virtual reality technology to showcase the internal structure and working principles of the motors. Attendees could immerse themselves in the experience to better understand product features and interact with our technical team, delving into the possibilities of motor applications.


International Cooperation, Leading the Future

During the exhibition, we were delighted to welcome buyers from various countries, including Brazil, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Italy, India, Pakistan, South Korea, and more. These international buyers showed strong interest in our products and engaged in in-depth discussions with our sales team. We not only introduced the product features and technical advantages of Fangli Electric Motor but also gained insights into their needs and expectations, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.


Looking to the Future, Sustaining Innovation

Behind the PTC ASIA exhibition is the unremitting efforts and spirit of innovation of Fangli Electric Motor. We will continue to focus on developing more advanced, efficient, and reliable motor products to meet the evolving needs of customers. We will deepen international cooperation, expand global markets, and propel China's electric motor manufacturing industry towards the world. Our goal is to become a leading global provider of motor solutions, guiding the future development direction of motor technology.

The PTC ASIA exhibition provided us with a valuable opportunity to explore and grow together with global peers. Fangli Electric Motor, hand in hand with partners, is pioneering the future!"